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Sponsorship/Affiliate Program

PowerX Sponsorship/Affiliate program is simple. The more sales you make, the faster you move up in the PowerX sponsorship tiers.



- Every sale you make gets a point. Every point equals one U.S Dollar.

PowerX does have plans to make the dollar per sale more over time.

- Your promo code is for you and your fans to use at anytime.

- In order to get to tier 2, you need to have 10 sales or 10,000 real followers. Once in tier 2, you need to make 25 sales to get into tier 3. Once in tier 3 you need to hold 5 sales a month to maintain the tier 3 position. 

- Once in tier 3, FREE PRODUCT can be requested every two months and will still receive cash out.

- Make sure to have PowerX in all soical media bios along with your promo code.

Tier 1

- No Follower requirements.

- 5% Promo code.

-Request Cash out after 10 sales.

-Tag PowerX in social media bio.

Tier 2

-10,000 Real Followers or 10 Sales required.

-Request cash out once a month.

-10% off promo code for entire order.

-Tag PowerX in social media bio

Once in tier 2 you will be Locked In and safe from having to ever be lowered into Tier 1.

Tier 3

-Need 25 Sales required.

-Request cash out anytime.

-15% off promo code of entire order.

-Request FREE PRODUCT once every two months.

-Follow From PowerX social media

-To stay in tier 3, you need to hold 5 sales a month.

If sales are not made to stay in this tier NO WORRIES, you will not be dropped from our program. You will be moved to tier 2.


Full Cash Sponsorship

Please Contact Us for more information.

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